How To See What Someone Likes On Instagram

Are you someone that is using Instagram for either fun or business and you are wondering how you can see what someone likes on Instagram? You are in luck, as we explain the steps.

With Instagram, you can find out what pages your competitors are following, and find out what is special about them. On Instagram, you can easily keep a close look at your competitors while getting prospects to buy from you. Looking at what your counterparts do is important to ensure that you stay ahead of them. What are they doing? What are they doing well? Why do people like them? Who do they look up to? Smart brands keep tabs of their competitors, and it is important that you do the same.

Before you begin the process of keeping tabs of your competitors, it is advisable to build the number of Instagram followers, and Instagram likes that you get.

Without building your Instagram followers and Instagram likes, you may be wasting your time keeping tabs on your competitors because the main reason you are shadowing them is to find out what they are doing well to attract and keep clients, then do the same thing.

A great way to launder the image of your brand image on Instagram is to have a large number of Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

Research has shown that people tend to buy products or services from those with a large number of Instagram followers and Instagram likes than their counterparts with smaller Instagram likes. To put yourself ahead of your competitors, it is advisable that you buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Instagram is created based on network, and it functions on a user interacting with another user. With Instagram, users can easily connect with the other without stress.

It is possible for those operating business and personal accounts to easily see who those they follow are interacting with. When we talk of interaction here, we are speaking of likes and comments made on Instagram post, and not DM.

Step One:

Have your Instagram app opened by touching the icon of the app on your device. Immediately you click on it, the home page comes on. The interfaces on Instagram are called ‘pages.’ The first one you see when you click on the icon on Instagram is called the home page


Step Two:

You will see a heart icon at the bottom of your screen. It is at the right side.


Step Three:

Immediately you click on the heart icon, you will be directed to your notifications page by Instagram. You can tell that you are in your notification page when you see “You” boldly written at the beginning of the page, and it will be underlined.

With this page, you can easily tell interacted with your posts. You can see who viewed the story you uploaded, as well as those that tagged you in their pictures, comments, or even captions.


Step Four:

When you click on “Following” there, you tend to see those things that those that you follow have liked.

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