How to Get Instagram to Recognize Your Account

Have you been posting on Instagram lately and getting nothing out of it? You are probably wondering what you have to do to get some recognition on the Instagram platform. You have probably tried the hashtags, the witty captions, and even the raunchy pictures, but it seems like all you can get is just a few like, barely up to 100 Instagram likes. In fact, you probably do not even have up to 100 Instagram followers on your account, and you want to know how to get your account to be recognized.

Well, the thing with Instagram is that the algorithm has been changed as I am sure that you have noticed and so the normal things that would have worked to gain you traction 2 years ago, would probably not work today. Today, Instagram has to recognize your account has an interactive one in order for your post to be highlighted as one of the top posts.

Well, here are 3 simple ways you can get Instagram to recognize your account and therefore get the traction that you want.

Get Engaged

Instagram engagement cannot be overemphasized, and this does not only refer to the engagement in your post. You also need to engage with other posts that have contents related to your posts. This would help you gather Instagram followers who would eventually engage with your own posts. You also need to keep up the engagement level even after you post. Be sure to reply comments promptly. This engagement helps the Instagram algorithm to recognize your account as being interactive, and it would then display it for other people who are interested in your kind of content to see. People have also been known to buy Instagram likes to drive up engagement and boost their relevance.

Develop Your Feed

Another thing that gets people to notice you on Instagram, which, in turn, gets Instagram to notice you are your feed content. This goes beyond having witty captions and using the right hashtags; it has to do with the images that you use on your posts. Your images are what first grab people’s attention. Make sure that they are catchy and attractive as this would earn you Instagram likes even before they read your caption. Buying Instagram likes like to boost some of your previous photos would also help to get you noticed.

Develop Your Content

Your content is the next thing that gets followers interested in your posts. Develop contents that your Instagram followers can relate with and connect to. This would increase engagement and relevance on your posts.

While you are trying to get the algorithm to work for you, buy some Instagram followers who have a real interest in the kind of posts and content that you develop. This way, you would save yourself the trouble of lobbying for Instagram likes and engagement.

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