The advantage of lots of Instagram likes cannot numerous. One of the most important is that it promotes awareness. It gives your video, goods, services, photo or any other content a higher chance of been seen by the general public and this would lead to more patronizing, more comments, more fame and so on. But the question, how to get lots of likes in few minutes has really bothered many. Here are a few steps to achieve this.

1) Take high-quality pictures

Everyone likes beautiful things. The quality of a picture greatly affects the number of likes. A good quality picture would attract more likes than a poor quality picture. So, endeavor that your picture has high or good quality and it would attract more likes.

2) Tag a general location

Tagging a general would increase the chances of more people getting more likes for your picture, video, or whatever content it might be as more people would get to see your content. Tagging a General location like a big city would yield more likes than tagging a particular location like a restaurant. This is because the inhabitants or those within that location or that city are more than those within a particular location. So, rather than tag a particular location, tag a general location.

3) tag popular hashtags

Hashtags help more people see your post and like them in return. Most popular or popular hashtags are very helpful when you are looking to reach a large group of persons. So, when you want to make your next post, ensure you use popular tags. This would earn you more likes.

4) post consistently

Posting consistently helps you keep your followers engaged and the more these followers lie your post, the more it would be seen by others and the more it gets seen by others, the more likes you will get. However, posting sparingly will bore your present followers and would cause them to unfollow you, and this will reduce your likes rather than increase it. So to avoid this, post consistently.

5) Post when there is high traffic

Posting when there is high traffic is very beneficial. This is because, during high traffic, most of your friends and followers are online and would see your post and get to like it. However, if you post when there is little or no traffic, there is a high chance that your followers would miss out on your post by the time they all come online, and they would not even get to see it, and that means they would not have a chance to like it.

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Have you been posting on Instagram lately and getting nothing out of it? You are probably wondering what you have to do to get some recognition on the Instagram platform. You have probably tried the hashtags, the witty captions, and even the raunchy pictures, but it seems like all you can get is just a few like, barely up to 100 Instagram likes. In fact, you probably do not even have up to 100 Instagram followers on your account, and you want to know how to get your account to be recognized.

Well, the thing with Instagram is that the algorithm has been changed as I am sure that you have noticed and so the normal things that would have worked to gain you traction 2 years ago, would probably not work today. Today, Instagram has to recognize your account has an interactive one in order for your post to be highlighted as one of the top posts.

Well, here are 3 simple ways you can get Instagram to recognize your account and therefore get the traction that you want.

Get Engaged

Instagram engagement cannot be overemphasized, and this does not only refer to the engagement in your post. You also need to engage with other posts that have contents related to your posts. This would help you gather Instagram followers who would eventually engage with your own posts. You also need to keep up the engagement level even after you post. Be sure to reply comments promptly. This engagement helps the Instagram algorithm to recognize your account as being interactive, and it would then display it for other people who are interested in your kind of content to see. People have also been known to buy Instagram likes to drive up engagement and boost their relevance.

Develop Your Feed

Another thing that gets people to notice you on Instagram, which, in turn, gets Instagram to notice you are your feed content. This goes beyond having witty captions and using the right hashtags; it has to do with the images that you use on your posts. Your images are what first grab people’s attention. Make sure that they are catchy and attractive as this would earn you Instagram likes even before they read your caption. Buying Instagram likes like to boost some of your previous photos would also help to get you noticed.

Develop Your Content

Your content is the next thing that gets followers interested in your posts. Develop contents that your Instagram followers can relate with and connect to. This would increase engagement and relevance on your posts.

While you are trying to get the algorithm to work for you, buy some Instagram followers who have a real interest in the kind of posts and content that you develop. This way, you would save yourself the trouble of lobbying for Instagram likes and engagement.

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There is one thing that every Instagram user wants, be it a business account or a personal account. This is something that they all crave for because immediately they get it, the prestige that they have increased. Your followers start to respect you and your opinions.

Users on Instagram are more likely to patronize brands on Instagram that have the Blue or Verified Check on their page and have a large number of Instagram followers, and Instagram likes. You can buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes to help. Having the Verified check is something that I will advise every brand or account that wants to be a social media influencer to have. You can’t be a brand to reckon with on Instagram if you don’t have the Blue (Verified) Check on Instagram.

The benefits of the Blue or Verified Check on Instagram

When an account has this blue check, the reputation of their account and resultant brand increases.

People want to make purchases from brands with blue or Verified Check than with others without it because they feel that the former sells genuine products or services.

Whatever you say is taken with seriousness, and not with a pinch of salt. It is advisable that any brand that wants to be taken seriously should get the blue or Verified Check on their Instagram page.

As a brand, you can now apply to have your business accounts verified. This started on August 28th, 2018. This declaration made them the first social media platform that has the feature of allowing users to ask to be verified. Other social media sites verify only those they want, and they don’t allow requests to be sent.

Having your Instagram account Verified allows users to know that you are the real deal, and makes you stand out from replicate accounts on Instagram. It is no news that some fraudsters open accounts on Instagram with your name, image, and likeness, in a bid to scam your clients or even take them away from you. With the Verified mark, your clients know that you are the one that they should be doing business with, and not an account with similar names to yours.

To get Verified on Instagram, you merely need your photo ID that bears a similar name to the account that you want verified, and many Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Below are the steps that you need to take if you want to have either your business or personal Instagram account verified.

In order to get your Instagram account verified, follow the steps below:

Step One:

Start by heading to your Instagram profile. You can do by simply clicking on the avatar of your profile at the end of the screen, bottom right of it.

Step Two:

Touch the Settings.

Step Three:

Move down on the “Account” aspect, then press “Request Verification” part.

Step Four:

Type in your name and have your ID card uploaded.

Step Five:

Have your request submitted by clicking on “Send.”

It’s that simple. No stress. One thing that you should know is that it doesn’t mean that Instagram will verify you. It verifies those that have solid Instagram followers and Instagram likes, as well as a solid profile. You can buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes now to help. Contact us today!





Do you remember that egg picture that got over a 100 million Instagram likes? That’s what viral content is. Creating viral content is one of the many aspirations of business owners seeking to make good use of social media platforms like Instagram to promote and sell their products.

Creating viral content is not an easy task, you will need to have a number of things working in your favor. While Instagram followers may be one of those things, you will find it surprising to know that this is not all that is needed to make a post or content trend. There is evidence to prove that Instagram pages with only a hundred followers have been able to successfully create viral contents.

We’ll show you some of the ways to make your post viral.

  1. Copy a trend and add a twist to it

To create a viral post, you will need to take a look at some of the posts that have gone viral. Currently, there are a number of tools that can be used to search for viral posts. In addition, you can look at the “Explore Feed” to get an idea of the trending content. When you take a closer look at the Explore Feed, you will get to understand that most of the posts have a pattern.

After a careful look at some of the trending posts, your goal should be to try to reproduce a photo or video that is based on any of the viral content. When doing this, it is advised that you do it in a creative way to ensure that it does not look copied. While doing this, it is important that you remember that videos tend to go viral more on Instagram.

  1. Leverage on Instagram viral content that are getting views and likes outside the platform

As a business owner seeking to create a viral content, it is important that you remember that Instagram is not the only place where users can get their hands on viral content. You need to take a look at some of the contents that have gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you find any viral video on these social media platforms, you have to search to see if the content is popular on Instagram. If it is not, you could recreate the idea, but it should be creative and specifically suited for the platform.

  1. Create an original content

To create viral original content, you will need to be creative. You will agree that creating original content on Instagram is difficult. However, there’s nothing a couple of hours researching, and brainstorming cannot do. As mentioned earlier, videos tend to go viral more than just pictures. Your content should be something everyone can relate to and should have a bit of humor.

Once you have gotten an idea, you will need to get a good camera and lighting to ensure that the quality of the video is high.

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Instagram can be exciting. Many have found it so exciting that it has become addictive. However, to some, it is still boring. This is because the account lacks the required boost. Here are some ways to boost your Instagram account.

1) post meaningful quotes

Meaningful quotes are very catchy, and when read and loved, you will get more likes, and followers. The more you post, the more followers and likes you will get, and this will help you boost your account.

2) comment on popular photos

Commenting on popular photos can go a long way to boost your account. People who love your comments are more likely to follow you on Instagram and the more comments you make, the more followers you may have, and this would be very advantageous to you.

3) follow more people.

You can’t expect people to follow when you are not willing to follow others or even back at all. Just as u want to be followed, others want to be followed as well. So, make out time per day, and follow a few persons. Be careful not to overdo It. Strike a balance, so you do not end up at the receiving end. Follow persons that would be willing to follow you too.

4) Remove unnecessary tags

On Instagram, you would surely be tagged to photos, videos, and other contents. Sometimes, these might be unnecessary. So, be on guard to delete unnecessary tags from your timeline so as not to bore your followers. If possible, adjust your tag settings, so you get to approve every tag before it shows on your timeline.

5) post regularly

Posting different interesting contents regularly would attract more followers, likes, and comments to your account, and this would boost your Instagram account. Bear in mind that no one wants to be bored. In fact, most people come online when they are bored to be entertained. So, endeavor not to be boring. Try to keep your page as entertaining as possible. This would give Instagram friends and followers a reason to keep checking to see what’s new on your page, and this would greatly boost your Instagram account.

6) engage in trending topics

Engaging in a trending topic is a simple way to get more fame and boost your Instagram account. This is because when Instagram users get to read these trends, they follow whoever they find interesting or whichever persons comment they love and agree with. So, participate in trending conversations.

7) contact digitalboost

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Some persons may have opened their Instagram for merely fun, and do not mind if they are popular on Instagram or not. For others, they want to be popular. Brands and those that are aspiring to be social media influencers should be Instagram famous.

To start, before you can become famous on Instagram, you must have many Instagram followers, and Instagram likes on your posts. This can be done by buying Instagram followers, and Instagram likes now. It makes others think you are famous and increases the urge in them to interact with you.

Instagram fame is something that has earned a lot of people money. It is either they make money by selling their products or by being a social media influencer that promoted the products of other brands.

Successful Instagram influencers did not just come into existence like that. Many of them bought Instagram likes and Instagram followers before they used other strategies to get the genuine ones. This was how they continued to improve their network of followers and get brands to pay them thousands of dollars or even millions, yearly.

How did Instagram influencers improve their popularity and turn themselves into millionaires by using Instagram?

Below are some steps that you should consider following.

Step One: Choose Your Niche on Instagram

After you must have bought your Instagram followers and Instagram likes, it is advisable that you opt for a niche. You need to market your profile. If you don’t have a niche, then you are in big problem. The niche that you fancy is something that you are good at or something that you can read up on, and master. You should be able to post great content on the niche like videos and pictures. Ensure that whatever is posted by you isn’t boring.

Some of the niches that you should consider embracing as fashion, vegan food, tech, or even travel.

Choosing your niche is something that you should be careful with because, with just a slight mistake, you are left stuck with something that you do not fancy.


Step Two: Choose Your Value Point

One part that some users on Instagram fail to understand is that for them to be an Instagram influencer, they have to have a value point.

You should give your budding followers a reason to follow you. The niche you opt for matters, but what value are you offering within the niche?

For someone that wants to be a fashion influencer, your value point is displaying attires that will intrigue your followers.

A tech influencer has a value point of showing his or her follower, the latest tech gadgets in the field that he or she opted for.

You have to be kept abreast with what is happening in the niche that you opt for.

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How Many Instagram Followers Is A Lot

Today, we will look at the number of Instagram followers that you are expected to have before you can call yourself an influencer. Whether you are a brand that wants to have a lot of clients or an influencer that wants to be famous, it is important to get a lot of Instagram followers, and Instagram likes. A great way to do this is by buying Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

This can help you attract genuine Instagram followers because people are more likely to follow those pages that have a lot of followers than those pages with few followers. This is what is called the bandwagon effect, and it can be used to your advantage by buying Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

Many pages or websites online may claim that buying Instagram followers and Instagram likes is wrong, but do you know that many of them bought the Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Are you shocked? Don’t be.

Why do you think you are hearing of them on Instagram? Why do you think they have millions of Instagram followers? Why do you think a lot of people listen to their thoughts? It doesn’t matter how good your product, service or thoughts may be if people see that you don’t have a large following, they make up their mind that whatever you are saying must be crap. This is the way of the world.

Now that this has been said let’s look at how many followers one must have before they can be classified as celebrities, mega influencers, large influencers, medium influencers, small influencers, and micro influencers.


More than a million Instagram followers. We don’t expect that you buy every Instagram follower or Instagram likes. What we expect is that you buy some, and have genuine followers fill up the rest.

Mega Influencers: 

From two hundred and fifty thousand followers to a million followers. These ones are sought after a lot by brands because they have a large number of following, and may not charge as much as the celebrities would. It is important that you are an Instagram influencer with a niche, as it helps those brands within the niche to find you easily.

Large Influencers

From a hundred thousand followers to two hundred and fifty thousand followers.

Medium Influencers

From fifty thousand followers to a hundred thousand followers.

Small Influencers:

From ten thousand followers to fifty thousand followers.

Micro Influencers:

From a thousand followers to ten thousand followers.

Calm down; a thousand followers can be said to be a lot by some degree.

While you have a lot of Instagram followers, it is important that you try and improve the engagement level that you have with your followers. A great way to do this is by regularly making great content. This can be done easily, once you know the niche that you fall under, and psychology.

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A lot of persons that intend to sell their products or services come on Instagram to get clients. How can you get Instagram followers to notice you? How can you get them to think you worthy of their time and money?

It doesn’t matter what you may sell, your prospective clients are on Instagram, whether it is educational products or games. They are here.

Your coming to Instagram as a brand means that there is a message that you want to pass to the world, and how do you pass it if you don’t have an audience on Instagram?

Instagram is one site is created for both for those that want to have fun and those that want to sell their products or services. For a brand that wants to be noticed on Instagram and get many clients from the social media app, you must have many Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

People tend to respect those brands with a lot of Instagram followers and Instagram likes. The funny thing is that a lot of these popular brands that earn millions yearly from the patronage on Instagram bought their Instagram followers and Instagram likes. This is the basic truth, though many of them won’t tell you this.

When they entered Instagram newly, they had no single followers, but within a few days, they had amassed thousands down to millions after months after.

You may wonder how this is possible. They went to buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes, but they did it in a smart manner to avoid any suspicions. After they did that, the next thing they did was to post great content on their page. This attracted other users to follow them. As much as you may be tempted to buy all your Instagram followers and Instagram likes, it is advisable not to. This is the basic truth. You should buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes to make your brand seem like a leader in your niche, but you should work for the rest. When you buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes, other users of Instagram see your brand as one that is worth following, and before you know it, thousands of genuine followers are following you because they realize that you have a lot of Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

The aim of buying Instagram likes and Instagram followers is to give your posts the feeling that they are being followed, even when they are not. When genuine users of Instagram see that your posts are getting large viewing, they tend to follow and view your posts. The same way magnet attract iron is the same way an Instagram page that seems to have many Instagram followers and Instagram likes to attract other users on Instagram. Before you can say, ‘Jack Robinson,’ you will have a lot of persons that want to buy from you and interact with you.

Smart brands do it. Don’t be left out.

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This, like other questions, is what a lot of people have continuously asked. Instagram is one app that is used by a lot of persons and brands for one reason or the other. Some brands use it to unwind and chat with friends, while others use it to make money. For those that use Instagram to make money, they are either using it to showcase their products and services, or using it showcase others as Instagram influencers.

Instagram is one app that believes in allowing its users to interact in an anonymous manner. Instagram is also a great way for businesses to keep tab on their competitors. If you want to tap into the market that social media offers, you should opt for Instagram. Having many Instagram followers and Instagram likes is one of the strategies that brands, and individuals use in succeeding. Statistics show that many popular brands with a lot of followers, likes, and sales came about by buying Instagram followers and Instagram likes. They were smart with the way they did it. People are drawn like bees to flowers when they see a page with a high number of Instagram followers and Instagram likes. You may have great content, but when you don’t have followers and likes, people may see you as having far from genuine products.

Now, that has been said, will the story account be alerted if you screenshot a story?

Like earlier said, Instagram is designed to protect privacy; that’s why you can’t access the search history of another page, or view what another page is doing, except they make it public. With Instagram, it is easy to view the profiles of others, including your competitors without them knowing.

When a user likes a post or comments on it, the user is intimated about such actions.

This is one of the few times that Instagram tells users about an interaction, as Instagram is interested in upholding the privacy of its users.

You can look at the profile of an Instagram user without them knowing. You can even look at the first story of their account without the account owner, knowing if you do it well.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Instagram does not alert users when a story of theirs is screenshot. When you click on a story, the owner of the story is alerted that you have viewed it, but the account owner isn’t intimated when a screenshot of the story is done.

The feature of alerting users when their story was screenshotted by other users was a feature in its old app, but it has been taken off. Since Instagram is all about privacy, it seems to go against their Privacy Policy if such a feature was permitted.

This means you can easily screenshot the story of an account without worrying about the person knowing. While you build your Instagram, account based on information from your competitors, it is advisable to buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes now.