Should Influencers Be Held Accountable For Ads?

The Fyre Festival incident is still fresh in our minds. Although influencers were paid thousands of dollars to promote this Festival it turned out to be a disaster. Certain popular influencers like Kendall Jenner and Hadid Bella received over hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote this festival.

This and a number of other shows that have flopped right after it was hyped heavily by social media influencers is why most people have asked this pertinent question. Do you really think social media influencers should be held accountable for ads that do not go as planned? Or for products or services that flopped below expectation?

Before diving into that, it is best to understand who Influencers are and what they really do. Basically, influencers are individuals that have been paid to advertise or promote a particular product, service, or event by a brand. These influencers enter into an agreement to promote the services of the brand or company with the information they have been given. They are paid for doing their job. These influencers are individuals with large Instagram followers who engage their posts by liking, sharing, and commenting.

Now that we have gotten the idea of what these influencers do, we’ll answer the question. To become a social media influencer, you will need to build a community of loyal and engaging Instagram followers. With more than a hundred thousand Instagram followers and likes on each of your post, it is your right as an influencer to ensure that any information you pass down to your followers is legitimate and have been researched properly. Going by this, it is right to hold these influencers accountable for ads that have failed woefully. There are some of the reasons for this;

  1. They owe their followers accurate information; influencers owe it to their followers to always offer them accurate information about a brand or product. This is simply because, without these large followers, there would be no influencer.
  2. It makes them credible; as an influencer, you need to have loyal followers that will literally heed to your every word (or post in this case). Giving them accurate and precise information about a particular event or product will make you more credible and may even contribute to the increase in your Instagram followers.

Influencers are to be held accountable and so is the brand or company as well. While influencers should investigate if truly a product or service is beneficial to users in all ramifications, companies should as well be able to provide accurate information to these influencers to enable them to promote them effectively.

Basically, influencers should be held accountable for any advert that does not go as they said it would because they failed to research properly if the product, service, or event is legitimate or up to standard. Companies or brands, on one hand, will also be held accountable as well for their inability to provide influencers with the right information for a particular product or service they are offering.

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