Automatic likes subscription for your Instagram

Aren’t you tired of waiting for likes everytime you post on your Instagram?

With our new system, you can simply choose how many likes you want for your next post.

The system will detect each time you upload a new photo and Immediately send you likes.

How does it work?

Upload your photos as always.

Our System will detect your upload.

Shortly after, you will start receiving your likes.

Buy Likes for Old Instagram posts

Want to boost you older posts with some more likes?

Automatic Likes Packages



Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want


Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want

Best Seller


Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want


Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want

Best Value


Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want


Likes per Post


Cancel any time you want

Buy Likes for Old Instagram Posts

Instagram Post likes

Instagram Post likes


Add likes to any post you wish.

Likes for your older posts

Show some love to your old posts by sending them some likes

High quality likes

Likes from real and active profiles

Fast delivery time

You start seeing likes flow to your posts in no time

Why work with us?

Real likes from Real profiles

We guarantee that you get the best likes available on the market.

Organic traffic

Adding likes to your posts will help promoting and exposing your profile to new people.

Money back guarantee

Came to realize that the product wasn’t as described? contact us for a full refund.

Post Detection

Our system automatically detects your upload and immediately sends you likes.

No commitment

Don’t need the service anymore? You can unsubscribe. No questions asked.


Have any questions? concerns? Our service personnel are available for you on Whatsapp.



Great service, amazingly fast!


Been using this service for 6 months now, so happy!


Thank you so much! I don’t have to worry anymore about my business profile. 


Amazing! thank you very much.


Really helped me! highly recommended.


My instagram was stuck for years! I couldn’t get likes and followers. all was changed once I joined this service. ty ty 


Once you join the service, we will send you the amount that you purchased to each post that you upload.

Super easy!
Login -> go to Dashboard -> press Cancel subscription.
Or send us a WhatsApp and we will do it for you!
We will never charge your card again.

No, Instagram will not block your account. There are cases where Instagram deletes some of the likes but that will happen only if you buy from someone who delivers very bad likes, that’s of course not the case here.

It all comes down to the quality of likes you are getting. Digitalboost provides only high quality likes from a reliable source.

Yes it does! It’s a good way to help promote your Instagram account. Plenty of celebrities, politicians and businessmen are using this service on a regular basis.

Yes. The Auto-Likes service is a recurring monthly subscription.